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At Cannacare, We Actually Care

Providing Comprehensive Home Care Program

In-home care service provides convenient health care and assistance to elders and people who are seriously ill. It is also helps family members manage their caregiving responsibilities at home.

In the state of California, medical marijuana patients also need assistance in preparing and using their medication especially those who are suffering from severe conditions. However, not all caregivers are allowed and registered to provide services to medical marijuana patients.

CannaCareServiceGroup in Apple Valley, California is the only in-home care provider that provides both traditional and alternative (medical marijuana) health care services. Read on to learn more about our products and services.


CannaCareServiceGroup is in compliance with H&S Code 11362.5 &11362.77. We operate as a collective protected by California Law H&S 11362.7, et seq. in conjunction with Senate Bill 420.

All members of CannaCareServiceGroup have doctors that have recommended and approved in writing their use of Medical Cannabis Per H&S Code 11362.775.

By submitting to CannaCareServiceGroup you agree to follow all guidelines of CannaCareServiceGroup as a collective. CCSG IS A MMJ CAREGIVER SERVICE AND  DOES NOT SELL OR CONDONE IN THE ILLIGAL SALE OF MARIJUANA.

Because We Actually Care

We offer a full range of services to ensure the happiness and overall well-being of our clients. Go on a hike* with us (all patients/tenants welcome) or join nature walks with our elderly.

Because we are a traditional home care aid service provider, some of our elderly don’t get to experience a lot of outdoor fun. This is why we go out of our way to provide recreational opportunities for them! Seeing and mingling with younger patients makes our elders happy. Likewise, our younger patient members feel the same in the company of our elderly!

Are you yearning for delicious, guilt-free food? You can try our meal prep services created by professionally trained chefs. Bringing you a delightful dining experience is our joy!

We also offer transportation services** for patients who canʼt drive because of medications. (Think of it as our version of an Uber service!) Our “cannacar” drivers are here to help.

Looking for a medicine we donʼt currently carry? We have Strain Finder to help you. CannaCareServiceGroup connects you to a network of growers, doctors, and providers whom we have met along the way. This way, you can find what you need with ease. As vendors, we offer only the best and value quality
over quantity!

*All patients/tenants are welcome

**Fees vary

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