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Who We Are

CannaCareServiceGroup is a sole proprietor and a home care aide provider in Apple Valley, California. We have been providing traditional and alternative home care services to the elderly, people with medical disabilities, and medical marijuana patients.

We are a licensed member of the American Caregivers Association in the state of California and a registered medical marijuana caregiver service provider in San Bernardino County.


Hello! I’m Brian, founder of CannaCareServiceGroup. Our organization provides traditional and alternative (medical marijuana) in-home care services through care programs based on individual medical home health needs for the disabled, the elderly, and medicinal marijuana patients.

I worked as a maintenance technician for more than 5 years, mostly at senior residential properties. While working, I noticed a need for proper home health caregiver services.

I have been an alternative medicine patient myself for many years. As a patient, I have felt like I was taken advantage of by collectives and delivery service providers who only want to have a share of my hard earned money and dash off to the next person in need of their medicine.

I found medical marijuana to be a healthier, more natural solution to pain relief and treatment as opposed to conventional pharmaceuticals. I put together CannaCareServiceGroup to educate people while also providing alternative solutions to conventional home health aide caregiver groups. The organization also aims to uphold moral values and ethics in helping those in need of care services.

Our goal is to work as a liaison between doctors, patients, pharmacies and dispensaries to help monitor and educate people about both traditional and alternative medicines. We also want to infuse in-home care aid programs such as transportation services, food prep services, exercises, and activities.

Additionally, we offer education on “in-home personal medicinal cultivation” for patients. To help patients better understand the proper treatment of illnesses using medical marijuana as an alternative medicine, we offer monitoring by strain, dosage administration technics, and effect (for those that qualify). Our goal is to prevent misconceptions about marijuana.

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